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ongoing projects

"homage" - This project is a series of images that capture the styles, techniques, and cultural attitudes of well-known photographers from the 1940s through the 1980s. My goal with this body of work is to extend simple study to actual application and put my own spin on each concept along the way.

The "homage" to Helmut Newton is included below and the slide deck with the other photographers in the series can be seen here.

"uv & ir" - This project explores the world outside of the visual light spectrum that we're accustomed to seeing with our eyes with ultraviolet and infrared portraits via film and digital. More information can be seen here.

"hats" - This series of images is a collection of pared-down portraits with a variety of different hats, all shot on film. I introduced this series through a gallery exhibition at Premier Imaging and Camera in April of 2022.

Hats can be brought by the subject or thrifted to match a certain look or aesthetic. A video recap of some of the work that has already been completed can be seen below the gallery on this page.

"submissions" - I'm focusing on submitting to a variety of online and print publications that feature editorials this year. The list of opportunities that I've compiled can be found here. If a particular publication catches your eye, let me know!

Past features include Fotos Magazine, HEROIC Magazine, & Emulsive Film. 

"creatives" - This project was initially birthed out of my desire to learn more about traditional large format film photography, which I began practicing in 2021. The photographs capture artists, friends, and fellow creatives in their spaces, often holding the tools that they use on a day to day basis, with a nod to traditional documentary photography.

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