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"Cameron has a great personality and is extremely talented behind the camera. He does an awesome job editing and I’m always more than happy with the work I get back from him. It’s always a great time shooting together and I would recommend him to anyone looking for some creative shots and / or trying to build their portfolio."

Brandon Moon


"Helpful with the creative ideas! Follows through, brought props, got photos back super quick -both me and my agency loves them!"

Veronique Frederick


"You were so patient with me and my schedule. 10/10 would work with you again ❤️"

Tori Stachelrodt


"I felt that the atmosphere you created was very professional but also personable. Throughout the entire shoot I felt comfortable and thought it was super easy to communicate with you on what we were doing or what was next - I really appreciated since I only really started modeling this year."

Lauren Goodfellow


"You’re easygoing, friendly, and easy to feel comfortable around. You work efficiently while still being able to converse and have a good time!"

Maddy Gryger


"Extremely professional with me and the models, made everyone very comfortable, turn around time for pictures was same day, and they turned out beautiful."

Gracie Henderson


"Such an amazing experience. I felt so comfortable and creative the entire time. Thank you for your patience, creativity, respect, and passion. I would love to shoot again."

Skyler Hostetler


"You were super calm about everything and really easy to talk to. I don’t do much modeling but it felt really easy with you as the photographer."

Domi Raught


"You were very easy to work with for working with someone who had 0 modeling background. You made me feel comfortable and at home."

Tyler Morgan


"Cam made sure I felt comfortable during the entirety of the shoot, embraced my ideas, gave direction, and had vision for each look– not to mention he would comment on a great angle or shot, which I always find to be motivating and confidence boosting!"

Leigha Pertz


"I had a great time working with Cam. He is super fun and thinks outside the box to get the coolest shots!! I would recommend him to anyone :)"

Meg Keruskin


"I loved that you had experience both behind and in front of the camera, and that you stayed engaged throughout the whole shoot! I also loved how you had a different variety of shots taken. The images from our shoot were definitely some of my most favorite pictures ever taken, especially the one with the kaleidoscope lens."

Tori Olegario


"Cameron’s shoots are very detailed and organized, both on and off set. Each shoot is very thoughtfully put together to highlight the model and photographer’s talent, which is hard to find. I felt very involved in the process throughout the duration of the photoshoot!"

Mila Kalcevic


"One of the most flexible photographers we’ve ever worked with, Cameron always comes to set ready to take our vision above and beyond, and shares his good vibes with everyone involved. We work with a lot of amateur models, and he always puts them at ease, while sharing his own knowledge from being in front of the camera and behind."



"Cameron exhibits a vast knowledge of photography and is very detailed in his process of setting up shots. I still use several photos Cameron took for various posts on social media. All of the pictures are class. The color contrast, lighting and angles were all taken into account with great detail."

Will Marshall


"I really enjoyed your ability to describe each technique and result we would expect from each camera/method used. I learned a lot of new information through our discussions!"

Ally Koscinki

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